Why it Was Time to Publish ‘The New Rules of Crisis Management’

United Airlines. PWC. Wells Fargo. Pepsi. Delta. Equifax. Chipotle. Dove Soap. Presidential tweets. Viral videos. Cyber thefts. Sexual misconduct. Brand mis-judgments. Corporate malfeasance. Extreme weather. From a crisis management point of view, 2017 had it all! But what lessons do we to take from it all? It became clear during the year that technology is often driving the severity and speed of the threat. Everyone’s now on social media. We’ve all got smartphones with sophisticated video cameras. We’ve read the tweets, replayed the video several Continue reading →

Need another reason to update your crisis plan? Here’s a big one!

You pretty much guessed that trust for government among Americans fell precipitously in 2017 and is at an all-time low, right? I am also thinking that you will have no problem holding onto your hat when you hear that trust in the media fell last year. But did you realize that trust in businesses and NGOs fell at a faster rate than that for the media? I didn’t think so! There’s a treasure trove of insights and data in the 2018 Trust Barometer, a report Continue reading →

Lessons for Your Crisis Plan – Patagonia, Dove Soap and the Risks of the New Age of Brand Positioning

On December 6th last year the outdoor clothing manufacturer, Patagonia, took the extraordinary step of filing a lawsuit, on behalf of itself and others, challenging the President of the United States. California-based Patagonia is protesting a decision by the President, announced earlier that week, to reduce two large national monuments, Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, in Utah so that land could be opened up for mining. It’s not the place of this blog to debate the right and wrongs of the President’s decision, the courts will Continue reading →

Is 2017 Just a Bad Year? Or Is This the Golden Age of Crisis?

So, what was your favorite crisis so far in 2017? Was it the Presidential tweets which roiled entire industries – notably automotive and aerospace – and the odd department store? United Airlines and Dr Dao was a doozy, especially as American, Delta and Spiritall followed United into the harsh spotlight. Maybe it was the ‘luxury’ Fyre Festival with its tents, cheese sandwiches and porta-potties? Perhaps one of those clumsy brand social media forays – such as Adidas congratulating runners on ‘surviving’ the Boston Marathon. Or there was also Continue reading →

Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t. Brands Which Step Into Polarizing Issues

I love Target stores. I really like shopping there and so do my daughters. But I also find the company fascinating because over the past few years it has provided really interesting debating points for those of us who make a living managing issues and crises. Until United Airlines recently showed how to turn a crisis into a disaster and created learning points for years of lectures, Target’s handling of its 2013 data breach was the poster child for “what not to do in a Continue reading →